Royal OM Pendant

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 Express your inner peace with our Pendant. 

Here is something you should know about the Throath Chakra 

 The Throat Chakra is important in allowing ourselves to express ourselves. It gives us the energy we need to speak, and speak with conviction and truth. This is why the signs of a blocked Throat Chakra are pretty easy to see; it’s our inability to speak and with conviction.

The full signs of a blocked Throat Chakra are having trouble speaking the truth, especially when we really need to do it. Not only that, but signs of having an inability to pay attention to our surroundings, and fearing judgement from other people can also be signs of having a blocked Throat Chakra. The fear of being judged by others often leads to us lying and in doing so that fear is what causes the blockage to happen in the first place.

Om Pendant with abalone, gold-plated, approximately 1 inch long.