Red Calcite Root Chakra

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This Chakra is located at the bottom – right down beneath the spine / tailbone, and thus is typically called the “Root” Chakra because of its closeness to the ground. In fact, its official name is called “Muladhara”, and can be broken down into two segments. The first being “Mula” which means Root, and “Dhara” which means Support.


What this means is that this Chakra’s role is to help connect you to the earth, and help ground you physically. However, it goes well beyond that role, as it’s connected to things physically that tend to ground us to the here and now. This can mean financial, or emotional stability, health, and other things.

Carbonate, Ca CO3
Hardness: 3
Metaphysical Properties: Powerful energy amplifier and healer.  Aids memory.  Clears chakra centers.
Corresponding Astrological Signs:  Cancer
Corresponding Chakra:  root 

Red Calcite sold by the each piece.

Approximately 2 inches in size.

From Mexico. Each one unique.