EMF protection kit

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These elite shungite gifts will bring with them great healing properties. Protect your close ones from electro-magnetic radiation and other negative influences. Our shungite box will become an exquisite minimalist decorative item for either household or everyday style. If you were looking for crystal gifts or gift box ideas, the small gift boxes we made will be a great treat for any occasion.
Box includes:
  1. 5 cm (1,97 inches) polished shungite pyramid
  2. 20 mm (0,8 inches) shungite phone sticker
  3. Shungite pendant “Small circle”
  4.     Minimalist shungite string bracelet
  5. Elite shungite stone 7-12 grams (0,24-0,42 oz)
  6. Shungite key charm with tumbled shungite stone