Third eye (Ajna)

The third eye Chakra is named “Ajna” and translates to “Beyond Wisdom”. This sounds extremely mystical and otherworldly, but in actuality isn’t really all that magical and mysterious. Truthfully, all that the Third Eye Chakra does is opens your mind to information beyond the world, and the 5 senses that people have – which can translate to extrasensory perception, intuition, or even psychic phenomena but typically just means that your opening yourself spiritually to possibilities.


How is this achieved? By the simple fact that there’s a gland within your brain that takes in light called the pineal gland (and which the Chakra itself is located) that’s responsible for maintaining your health and circadian rhythm, among other things. This is why the Third Eye Chakra is located right between the eyebrows, right above where the gland is located and radiates all the way from your mouth, to the very crown of your head.