What is Mercury retrograde?

What is Mercury retrograde?

What is Mercury retrograde? 

We mostly hear and more often. It's sometimes ironic, sometimes serious, depending on the beliefs of the person speaking it. Even without knowing anything about astrology, we end up asking ourselves questions:

Why does Mercury appear to be in retrograde every two months?

Why do we always talk about Mercury in retrograde and never about Jupiter or Mars?

 What the hell does "Mercury retrograde" mean?

So let's see the information.

Mercury retrogrades?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion that announces a difficult period for almost the entire zodiac if we follow astrologers' precepts. When looking at the small planet closest to the sun from Earth, Mercury may appear to be receding. It is this planetary reverse that is called "retrograde Mercury". This astral configuration can recur several times a year.  

Each year, astrologically, Mercury enters the retrograde phase for about 24 days every 88 days or on average three times a year. We say that a planet is retrograde when it changes its direction in the sky: it slows down first, then stagnates in the same place, and then moves in reverse. We see you coming to Astor-skeptics: obviously that this movement of withdrawal is only an optical illusion.


However, for astrologers and enthusiasts of the movements of the sky, these phases coincide with major psychological changes: while it goes backward, the energy of the planet in question can no longer be fully expressed, which causes internal disturbances or slowdowns in some individuals.

Moreover, it is more and more common that all the small inconveniences of life are blamed on this famous phase. Text sent to the wrong sender, metro delay, broken iPhone screen, or water damage: Mercury in retrograde would be responsible for all the ills in the world. Breathe: everything will be fine.

When Mercury is in retrograde:

here are three Mercury retrograde cycles in 2021. They are: January 30 to February 20: The pre-retrograde shadow begins January 15, post-retrograde shadow ends March 13. May 29 to June 22: The pre-retrograde shadow begins May 14, post-retrograde shadow ends July 7

Last one start September 27 until October 18

Retrograde means "moving backward". When Mercury is said to be in retrograde, it means that the planet appears to be moving backward when viewed from Earth.

It does not change its orbit - the way the planet moves to Mercury's motion only creates a strange optical illusion.

This lasts for a few weeks, and then the paths loop out of it, and everything goes back to normal.

In recent years, retrograde has been widely described, and people worry about all the misery that can come out of it.

  1. Yep - it might be a little harder to navigate life now. Things tend to mess up, break, disappear, or be delayed.
  2. It can also be difficult to understand, and hurt feelings can, of course, be a result.
  3. The typical warnings are: Do not travel, back up the computer, be careful with the electricity, and read careful before you sign any contracts! 
  4. Meditate and spend some time within, the is a really good time to self reflect and plan. We all need to allow ourself to be appreciate everything about life. 
  5. Light up some Candles and relax, Binge a good Tv Show (We love anime like Naruto, Avatar and Attack on Titan.)
  6. Dive into your self care.