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How Can Ebony Millennials Start Growing Their Food If you have noticed, millennials are workaholic and the generation of food lovers. In such a fast-paced world, they have become more health-conscious. These youngsters favor organic food, love to dine out, and look for convenience in everything. Organic food sales have almost tripled. It is pretty clear from their eating habits. Millennials are responsible for bringing a change in the food revolution. They keep an account of what they put into their body. They have thoroughly transformed the concept of buying food. The latest trend that is gaining huge attention is...

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Mother Nature may not always be kind to women - pregnancy, periods, and menopause come to mind - but she should be listened to. Women often ignore symptoms designed by Mother Nature to warn us about potential health problems. Next time you see these symptoms, don't ignore them. We're here with the RepHreshing Truth on what these symptoms mean and how you can take control of your health if they should arise. Flu-like SymptomsAre you experiencing fatigue, lightheadedness, sweating, nausea, pressure or pain in the lower chest, abdomen or back? Too often women ignore these symptoms or dismiss them as the flu,...

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