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Self-care is a big trend at the moment. But just because it is a trend, that doesn’t mean it isn’t also an extremely valuable activity, and one that we should ALL have been doing right from the start. Simply, self-care is looking after yourself. It means taking a moment to remind yourself you’re doing okay, to enjoy yourself, to pamper yourself, and to eat well. These simple changes mean you attack life feeling and looking better, and they mean you actually get some enjoyment out of it along the way.Seems simple, and yet it’s something many people still don’t do....

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Mother Nature may not always be kind to women - pregnancy, periods, and menopause come to mind - but she should be listened to. Women often ignore symptoms designed by Mother Nature to warn us about potential health problems. Next time you see these symptoms, don't ignore them. We're here with the RepHreshing Truth on what these symptoms mean and how you can take control of your health if they should arise. Flu-like SymptomsAre you experiencing fatigue, lightheadedness, sweating, nausea, pressure or pain in the lower chest, abdomen or back? Too often women ignore these symptoms or dismiss them as the flu,...

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1.   Yoni eggs can increase the intensity of your orgasms If your pelvic floor muscles are not strong enough, chances are your sexual experience will not be satisfying. The best way to make these muscles stronger is to use Yoni eggs. If you give them a try, you should be able to see the difference very quickly. 2. Orgasms will be better and much more intense Not only will your orgasms feel better, but they will also be more intense. If you truly want to experience orgasms that feel as if they were “out of this world”, Yoni eggs are the...

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